Budget Billing Option

New in 2013 we are offering a budget billing option to our customers for recurring maintenance services.

Stop worrying about how much your next bill will be.  Know it ahead of time.

As you know one time services such as fall cleanups, pruning, and lawn overseeding can add spikes to you bill at different times of the season.  With our budget billing option your bills for the whole season can be spread out evenly over a 12 month time period.  You would pay the same price every month!  This is a GREAT option for managers & associations that want to know for sure what their cost will be for the year.  Homeowners love it because it spreads the larger expenses out over the year.

There are many benefits to our NEW Budget Billing Option:
-Know what your bill will be every month.  There are no surprises.
-Sign up for all the services you need in the spring and forget about it.  We will manage the site uninterupted for you for the entire season.
-If there is an early spring or late fall that adds mowing services you still pay the same amount!
-With mowing a crew is by your site every week.  If it is dry we will still touch up tall and weedy areas.
-Your regular services will take priority over non Budget Billing customers.
-Check out our Specials and Promotions Page to see a great special we are running if you sign up for Budget Billing Option before Feb. 28th.

In the past you recieved regular mowing service at $35/visit, 5 lawn treatments at $60/trmt, fall core aeration $75, spring clean up that averaged $350, fall cleanup that averaged $400.

If you signed up for the budget billing option you would pay $166.67/month for 12 months.

Budget Billing prices are based off of past experience on site and yearly averages.

Listed below are the different types of services that can be budget billed.
-Regular Mowing Service
-Lawn Edging
-Spring Mulch Topdressing
-Regular Pruning Services
-Spring and Fall Cleanup services
-Lawn Treatments
-Lawn Overseeding
-Compost Topdressing of Lawn
-Lawn Core Aeration
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