Decorative Pots

We offer decorative pots and display options if you already own pots.  If you would like something to dress up the entryway to your home or business we can help.  Decorative pots can also be strategically placed in your landscape to add interesting focal points.  Call us today to find a pot that works for you.

There are many pot options.  We recommend poly or glazed pottery to better handle the winter conditions in Iowa.  Check out the catalog from our supplier.

Display options
Spring/summer display-In May we install a vibrant display of annuals that will bloom throughout the summer months.

Fall Display-Late October we install fall blooming mums or annuals will add a splash of color in the fall months.  We add pumpkins, corn stalks, and squash in the fall to add some extra interest.

Winter/Christmas-In late November we install evergreen tips and decorative braches along with seasonal bows and decor.
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