Frequently asked Landscape Maintenance Questions

When I received my landscape maintenance proposal there was a price range given for service instead of a specific price, why is that?

Some of the services we offer such as pruning and cleanups can change from the time we bid them until the time we arrive to do the work.  On cleanup jobs we can look at the site but leaves may fall or blow around or accumulate in areas changing the amount of time a job may take.  We use our past experiences to come up with those price ranges.  Our goal is to provide an accurate proposal to all of our customers.

Once I sign my proposal how quick can a crew get to my property to do the work?

On most landscape maintenance jobs we have our crews scheduled out roughly a week and a half.  We tell new customers to expect about 2 weeks from the time they return their proposal.  We do make exceptions for emergency situations.  During the spring and fall it is a good idea to schedule work well ahead of time as that is our busiest season for landscape maintenance.

Do I have to pay extra to haul away the debris you cut down?

No.  The cost of hauling material away is built into the price you were quoted.

I pruned my own shrubs to save money on pruning, can you still haul the material away for a reduced rate?

Yes.  You will be charged a reduced rate but the cost will generally still be about 80% of the cost if we had done the pruning.  The actual pruning takes very little time.  Cleanup and hauling material away is generally where most time is spent on pruning and cleanup jobs.

I have several garbage bags with twigs and yard waste I have picked up over the last year, can you haul it away while you are here?

We can haul away garbage bags of lawn debris.  The cost is $2/bag.

Can I pile up my leaves and just pay you to haul them away?

Yes, this is called curbside leaf cleanup.  Simply pile the leaves within 10' of the curb and we can come suck them up and haul them away.

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