FAQ Lawn Treatments

Listed below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we get reguarding lawn treatments.  If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us anytime with your question by calling 515-382-8830.

Are the treatments you put on my yard dry or liquid?

It really depends on the treatment that is being applied to the lawn. Our fertilizers are all dry and granular.  Our pre emergent treatment for crabgrass along with our preventive grub treatments are also dry.  The broadleaf weed control and post emergent grassy weed control are liquids.  Some treatments applied to your lawn may contain some parts that are dry and some that are liquid. (example dry fertilizer with a liquid broadleaf weed control.)

Once my lawn is treated how long do I need to stay off of the grass?

It is best to stay off of the lawn for 24 hours after the treatment.  This allows time for the product to settle and/or dry.

After my lawn is treated when can I mow again?

If your lawn was treated with a broadleaf or post emergent grassy weed control it is best to wait a day or two.  If your treatment was a pre emergent weed control, preventive grub treatment, or late fall fertilizer you can mow anytime.

Can I bag the clippings after my lawn is treated?

You can bag the clippings but in most cases we do not recommend them being put into a compost pile or on your gardens.

Is my lawn safe for people or pets after it has been treated?

When the products we use are applied at the recommended label rates they do not pose any danger to people or pets.  It is always a good idea for people to wash their hands after coming in from playing in the lawn.

How many treatments do most people have done during a season?

Based on our treatment history 50% of customers have 4 trmts, 40% of customers have 5 trmts, and 10% of customers do only 3 trmts per season.

How will I know that you treated my property?

We place placards at the points of entry to your lawn notifying you that the area was treated.  We will also leave a sheet in the door letting you know what type of treatment was applied.

How long is the applicator on site when they treat my lawn?

Most residential properties will take 10-15 minutes to treat.

Why does the treatment cost what it does for being at my property for such a short amount of time?

The material cost of fertilizer and weed or insect control are often half of the amount.  Fertilizer is a very corrosive material so there is a lot of maintenance involved in keeping application cleaned and running properly.  There is also a lot of time spent behind the scenes making sure application equipment is calibrated and applying products accurately to your site.

When do I pay for the service done yo my lawn?

We send statements at the end of every month.  We accept checks, VISA, MASTERCARD, and Discover Card as forms of payment for service.
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