For ALL of your Lawn & Landscape Management Needs   

 Landscape Maintenance Services Offered

Spring Cleanup
    Full Property Cleanup
Fall Cleanup
    Full Property Cleanup
    Curbside Leaf Cleanup
    Pruning and shaping shrubs
    Rejuvenation pruning
Mulch Topdressing
Weed Control
Ornamental Treatments
Lawn Edging

 If you have invested time and money into a landscape on your property it is important to provide the needed maintenance to keep the landscape healthy, safe, and beautiful. Many people install plants and landscapes and never think of the maintenance needs they will require. Landscape maintenance in no different than routine oil changes for your car, annual doctors check ups for yourself, or regular cleaning of your house. Landscape maintenance is something that should be budgeted into your time and finances when dealing with your landscape. 



Whether you do all, some, or none of your own landscape maintenance we hope this information will help to steer you in the right direction for an attractive, healthy, and safe landscape.  Remember, at Hawcott Lawn Service we are here to help you with answering your questions, providing you with materials, or completing any service you may need help with.  We look forward to working with you in the future.


For questions or to schedule work please call

515-382-8830 or 1-800-682-8830

Landscape Maintenance News

We are excited this year to offer our customers a whole new way to pay for their service. Instead of paying for each service once it is done at the end of every month we are now offering a Budget Billing Options where the cost of all the services you need for the year can be spread out over 12 months.

FAQ about Landscape Maintenance



Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Mowing
-Lawn Aeration
-Lawn Fertilization
-Lawn Weed Control
-Lawn Insect Control
-Compost Topdressing
-Lawn Overseeding

Landscape Maintenance
Spring & Fall Cleanup
-Shrub Pruning
-Mulch Topdressing
-Weed Control
Plant Insect Control
-Plant Disease Control

Landscape Installation
Plant Installation
-Paver Patios & Walkways
-Natural Stone Patios & Walkways
-Retaining Walls
-Boulder Fountains
-Water Features

Leaf Cleanup
Seasonal Plantings
Decorative Pots
-Snow Removal

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