To be the BEST we hire the BEST.

Over the years, we have found that quality work begins with finding and hiring quality people. 

We first start by finding people that are hardworking, professional, and friendly.  We train them and offer them the educational resources needed to develop their talents allowing them to become the most well trained and well qualified employees possible.  This means you will be working with some of the best trained and most pleasant people in the horticulture industry.

All of our staff members are hired through a rigorous hiring process selecting only those who are personable, friendly, professional, and with an exceptional attention to detail.

All of our salaried employees possess a degree in Horticulture or related field.  That means that you have some of the most knowledgeable people in the Horticulture industry available to you when you work with Hawcott Lawn Service.

We offer our employees wages that are often higher than the average for this area.  We also provide them  with benefits and perks that many of our competitors do not.  This provides them job security and the knowledge that their family and themselves will be taken care of.  This added job security allows HLS to retain top quality employees year after year.

Our Supervisors

Ben Hawcott
Graduated from Iowa State University with his B.S. Degree in Turfgrass Management and Minor in Entreprenurial Studies in 2001.
Work Experience
Owner of Hawcott Lawn Service.  Ben started mowing lawns as a way to make money in 1993.  From 1996-2001 Ben worked for a local landscape company along with growing Hawcott Lawn Service.  Now Ben is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of Hawcott Lawn Service.  His primary duties include meeting with customers, creating landscape designs, and working on proposals.

Ryan Etnier
Graduated from DMACC with his degree in Commercial Horticulture in 2006.
Work Experience
From 2006-2008 Ryan worked for and had internships at several well established landscape companies in Iowa.  Ryan joined Hawcott Lawn Service in the spring of 2008.  When Ryan started with us he oversaw the mowing and maintenance crews.  Since then he has changed roles and become the supervisor of our landscape crews. His primary duries include watching over landscape and landscape maintenance crews.

Derrick Peterson
Graduated from Iowa State University with his B.S. Degree in Turfgras Management in 2011.
Work Experience
From 2005-2008 Derrick worked at several golf courses in Maryland and Iowa.  Derrick joined Hawcott Lawn Service in the fall of 2008.  Derrick is our spray technician and oversees the treatments of all of our properties.  His primary duties here include doing the chemical applications and watching over the lawn maintenance crews.

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