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Warranty Information

At Hawcott Lawn Service the success of your landscape is very important to us.  We are your partner in maintaining a functional, healthy, and beautiful landscape.  One way we do this is with site inspections after your landscape is completed.  We will have a member of our team check your landscape one week, one month, and then again each year after your landscape has been installed.  By checking your new landscape at these key times we can make sure plants are receiving the proper care they need, offer recommendations if needed, and inspect the site to make sure everything is growing in as planned.  Along with our site monitoring we have great warranty options to cover your plants and landscape if an issue were to ever arise.


Hawcott Lawn Service guarantees that all plants installed in the landscape have been installed correctly.  We also guarantee that the plants are healthy and hardy when installed.  Hawcott Lawn Service will do the initial watering at installation.  Additional watering is the responsibility of the property owner. 

Warranty does not cover:

  • Insect, disease, or animal damage
  • Vandalism
  • Mower, trimmer, or mechanical damage
  • Weather related damage (wind, ice, hail, or lightening damage)
  • Death due to over or under watering
  • Death due to neglect

At Hawcott Lawn Service we offer our customers two warranty options, two year or lifetime warranty.

Two Year Warranty

Hawcott Lawn Service will provide a replacement for any plant that dies for any reason other than those listed above for a period of two years from the time the plant was installed.  Planting labor charges are covered by the two-year warranty.  All plantings are covered under the two-year warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

Hawcott Lawn Service will provide a replacement for any plant that dies for any reason other than those listed above for as long as you occupy the property where the plant was installed.  Plant material & planting labor are covered by the lifetime warranty.  To receive the lifetime warranty, a customer MUST sign up for a complete landscape maintenance plan for the new landscape areas.  This plan may include weed control, fertilization, mulching, pruning, and cleanup of the newly landscaped areas.  This plan allows our crews to make sure all the necessary maintenance is being completed to keep the plants as healthy as possible.  As long as a customer is signed up for the plan, they will receive the lifetime warranty.  Once the plan is stopped the warranty is void, unless the plan is dropped within the first two years.  If the complete landscape maintenance plan is stopped within the first two years, the plants fall back under the Two-year warranty plan from the installation date.

Replacement plants will be the same size as the original.  A customer may choose to “upgrade” a replacement plant to a larger size.  In this case the customer would pay the difference between the original size and the “upgraded size”.  If a plant needs to be replaced more than once, a different plant, variety, or cultivar may be installed as a more suitable option for the site.


Hawcott Lawn Service guarantees that all Hardscapes installed for the original owner will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you occupy the property the hardscape is installed.  Hardscape materials are considered wall blocks, flagstone, pavers, fieldstone, and limestone.  Hardscapes include walls, patios, steps, and walkways.  Hardscapes do not include edging or steppers.  If a hardscape develops apparent areas of settling, heaving, or bowing, Hawcott Lawn Service will repair the hardscape at no cost to the owner.  This guarantee does not include failure due to previous construction excavation, burrowing insects or animals, vandalism, flooding, trenching, change in grade above and/or around the hardscape, excessive load on hardscape, and acts of God. 

  • As you know, many materials used in landscapes are created in nature.  This may create imperfections, color variations, and differences in the way a material ages in your landscape.  Limestone, fieldstone, flagstone, and other natural stones are not guaranteed against cracking or change in color. 
  • Flagstone and other thin stones/blocks may settle up to ¼” over the course of time. 
  • Because so much dirt work and grading is done when a home is built we cannot guarantee that hardscapes will not settle or shift for houses less than 5 years old at the time of landscape installation. 
  • Wall blocks and concrete pavers are guaranteed not to break or crack for as long as you occupy your property.
  • All hardscape materials are different and some may be more prone to fade over their lifetime.
  • We request to be allowed to visit the site once a year to inspect the landscape once it has been installed.

To exercise your warranty you must present a copy of your bill to establish proof of purchase.

This warranty is good for all landscapes installed after 1/1/13.