Spring and Fall Cleanup

Once in the spring and once in the fall it is important to do a complete cleanup of the lawn and landscape. Some of the things that should be done with a cleanup should include the following.

1. Remove excess and piles of leaves from your lawn and bed areas.

2. Clear and remove fallen limbs and branches.

3. Cleanup tree nuts and seeds. Many people leave these as they will eventually decompose and they take a long time to clean up.

4. Cut down perennials and ornamental grasses that have died back for the year.

5. Repair any snowplow damage and look for rocks and/or pieces of debris that may have worked their way into your lawn over the winter.

6. Remove any excess piles of grass clippings.

Piles of debris that are on the lawn and landscape a long time may smother desired grass or perennials. By removing it you decrease the risk of damage to your desired plants. Removing excess material and cutting back plants that have died back for the year will really limit the amount of insects and diseases you have over wintering in your lawn and landscape. Fallen limbs and branches may become an attractive nuisance on the property. It is a tripping hazard and may encourage children on to the property to play. Large nuts, snowplow damage, and rocks are all items that can be hit by a lawn mower, which may create a dangerous situation with flying projectiles. Finally, a clean lawn and landscape is a beautiful lawn and landscape. You may have the nicest grass and most beautiful plants but if people have to look over fallen limbs and piles of yard debris they will not be able to fully appreciate the experience.