Weed Control

 Keeping your plantings and beds free of weeds is just as important is keeping weeds out of the lawn. Weeds in the bed are competing for the same nutrients and water your desired plants are. It is important to keep the weeds under control so that the desired plants are under as little added stress as possible. Extra stress on plants can increase the signs of insect and disease pressure. There are several ways to provide weed control, pre emergent (before the seed germinates) or post emergent (after plant has started growing). A good pre emergent treatment in the spring will drastically cut back on weeds that show up during the year. If you have a bed that has weeds already you will need post emergent control. This treatment will kill weeds that are already growing. It is important to be careful and follow labeled directions when controlling weeds around desired plants. If chemical weed control is not for you, you can always weed the area by hand or mechanically pull the weeds.

We offer several options for weed control in your beds and landscape.

Pre emergent application
-When a new landscape is installed we can apply a pre emergent weed control to reduce weeds from germinating in the landscape.
-Annual pre emergent weed control is also available for existing beds.

*For annual weed control it is best to apply an application of weed control in March and then a follow up application during the month of June. 


Weeding services
-We can weed beds and landscapes as a one time service for special events.
-You can be placed on a regular weeding maintenance plan.  One of our crew members can check your site weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Post emergent application
-We can treat beds and landscapes as a one time service.
-You can be placed on a regular bed treatment plan. One of our crew members can check your site weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and treat the weeds.